Baji Affiliate

Ranking (Top 10) Affiliate Code Total Net Profit Prize
Yamaha R15/ Honda CBR150R Repsol/ Suzuki GSX R150
Yamaha R15/ Honda CBR150R Repsol/ Suzuki GSX R150
Yamaha R15/ Honda CBR150R Repsol/ Suzuki GSX R150
Samsung 75" (MU8000) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV + Samsung Q Series Soundbar - Dolby Atmos/DTS: X with Alexa Built-in (HW-Q900A)
Samsung 75" (MU8000) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV + Samsung Q Series Soundbar - Dolby Atmos/DTS: X with Alexa Built-in (HW-Q900A)
Samsung 75" (MU8000) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV + Samsung Q Series Soundbar - Dolby Atmos/DTS: X with Alexa Built-in (HW-Q900A)
Hitachi 2 Door Side By Side No Frost Refrigerator (R-SX700GPUK0 ) GBK 589Ltr
Hitachi 2 Door Side By Side No Frost Refrigerator (R-SX700GPUK0 ) GBK 589Ltr
Hitachi 2 Door Side By Side No Frost Refrigerator (R-SX700GPUK0 ) GBK 589Ltr
iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 TB

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Baji is the most reliable online gambling brand in Asia. We emphasize on providing a fair and safe gaming experience to our customers. We have a wide variety of products including Sports Exchange, Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slots, Poker, and many more.


customer register with your affiliate
customer play
earn commission

Commission Structure

Win/LossDeductionBonusPayment FeeCommission
Customer A1,000,000180,00020,00040,000-
Customer B-300,000025,00012,000-
Customer C-500,000010,00020,000-
Customer D1,500,000270,00040,00060,000-
Customer E2,700,000486,00010,000108,000-


Be a part of Baji Affiliate Program now!

Baji Affiliate: Earn 50% Commissions with Baji Affiliate Program

The wedge affiliate program offers fantastic value commission payouts of up to 50% of your referrals. That is, your earnings are calculated based on the substantial number of players using promoting wedges. The Wedge affiliate commission rate will increase if you can refer more than ten players with a percentage calculation of 30% of the net revenue until it reaches 50%.  

Overview of the Baji Affiliate Program in Bangladesh

Commission Rate25-50% commission from net income
Affiliate SupportFacebook, Instagram, TikTok, write a blog post about Baji or make a YouTube video.
Marketing SupportAffiliates receive marketing materials (banners, text links, landing pages, email templates), SEO, and PPC.
Payment MethodsBank Transfer, E-wallets, and cryptocurrencies
LanguageEnglish, Bengali
AppBaji Affiliate provides a mobile app for the affiliates. The Wedge app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

How Does the Baji Affiliate Program Work?

  1. The Baji affiliate program must offer product options such as casino games, virtual sports, and sports betting, including football, basketball, cricket, tennis, and more. Baji live affiliates account should be able to promote Baji to their audience. When a Baji customer clicks on your affiliate link and registers on Baji, you will earn a commission on all the players you refer.

  2. The Baji affiliate program must offer products through marketing materials to help affiliate marketers promote their products. From banners and text links to landing pages and email templates, you have access to many resources to help you increase traffic to the Baji website.

  3. The Baji affiliates use detailed analytics and reporting tools to help optimize your marketing campaigns. You can track click-through rates, conversion rates, and other key metrics to identify areas for improvement.

  4. Baji affiliate accounts have a robust payment system to ensure timely payments to their affiliates. You can choose from various payment methods, including bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies, to receive your commission earnings.

3 Benefits of the Baji Affiliate Program

Recurring Income

One of the advantages of joining the Baji Affiliate program is the potential to earn recurring income. Baji offers a range of products and services, including sports betting, casino games, and live dealer games. Once you successfully refer players to Baji, you will receive a commission on all their purchases for life.

High Commission Rates

Baji offers its affiliates some products with commission rates of up to 45% and even up to 50%, which means you can generate significant income even with a few referrals.

Flexible Marketing Options

Baji Affiliate provides various marketing materials, banners, and creatives to help you promote products effectively. You can also create marketing materials such as reviews and articles to promote Baji on your website or social media accounts.

How to Register for a Baji Affiliate Account?

1. Visit the Baji Affiliate Website

The first is joining the Baji Affiliate sign-up and visiting the website. Then, click the “Register” button to create an account.

2. Register Your Account

Complete the registration form with the required information data, name, email address, and phone number for Baji affiliate login.

3. Submit Your Application

Next, submit your application for Baji to review. They will assess your application and notify you if you are approved to join the Baji Affiliate account login. If approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to your Baji Affiliate account.

How To Login Baji Affiliate Dashboard?

1. Visit the Baji Affiliate Website

Start by visiting the Baji Affiliate website. Download the mobile application on your iOS or Android device, then open the website on your Baji affiliate app download device.

2. Find the Login Button and Click

Locate the login button, usually positioned in the top right corner of the screen. Click the login button to proceed.

3. Enter Your Username and Password

You will redirected to the login page. Enter your registered username and password in the respective fields.

4. Click the Login Button to Access Your Account

After entering your login credentials, click the login button. You will be redirected to your account dashboard if the details are correct.

Can I Trust an Agreement with Baji?

You can trust the deal with Baji because they use a robust tracking system to ensure accurate affiliate sales and commissions. This system tracks customers who click on your Baji live affiliate link, purchases, and commissions. You conveniently view your earnings, sales reports, and other performance metrics from your account dashboard.

What is an Affiliate Link?

The affiliate link functions to track purchases, promote products, and generate commissions through links to your account. Log in to your affiliate account and find the product you want to promote. Click the “Get Link” button. Share this link in your promotional materials to increase earnings.

How To Live Chat with Affiliate Managers?

Available by live chat support with an affiliate manager by accessing it through the “Contact Us” page on the Baji website. Your message will be responded to in real-time by the team. Any inquiries you have will addressed in a friendly and helpful manner.

What is a Baji Affiliate Referral Commission?

Baji Affiliate‘s referral commissions can traced through commission calculations that depend on the number of new active affiliated customers you successfully bring to Baji. The overview of Baji live affiliate commission percentages is as follows:

  1. 0-4 new active users: You will earn a referral commission of 30%
  2. 5-9 new active users: Your referral commission calculation is 35%
  3. 10-14 new active users: You will receive a referral commission of around 40%
  4. 15+ new active users: Your referral commission calculation is 50%

What are the Requirements To Be Entitled To Affiliate Referral Commission?

  1. You must have a Baji Affiliate account login.
  2. You must be able to attract new active users to become members of online casino players at Baji Live 999 affiliate login.
  3. Your Baji Affiliate referral commission calculation is how many new users you can attract to become online casino players at Raja Baji Affiliate.

Baji Commission Structure

Baji Affiliate offers a tiered commission structure that rewards affiliates based on the number of players they refer and the net revenue generated. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. 1-5 players: 25% commission on net revenue
  2. 6-15 players: 30% commission on net revenue
  3. 16-30 players: 35% commission on net revenue
  4. 31-50 players: 40% commission on net revenue
  5. 51 and above players: 45% commission on net revenue

Different Types of Baji Affiliate Campaigns

You can enhance your Affiliate Marketing campaigns with various campaigns, starting from Fiverr as a versatile platform for a competitive edge in successful affiliate marketing. You can offer services to boost your affiliate campaigns, freelancers in graphic design, content creation, SEO optimization, and social media management.

Can I Become a Baji Live Affiliate Partner Without A Website?

You cannot become a partner without a website because one of the requirements as a Baji affiliate is to have an affiliate account on the Baji website to implement security practices, use a strong and unique password, and activate authentication.

How Do I Advertise Baji Live?

  1. Ads Marketing: You can advertise Baji directly by optimizing your content for SEO to increase visibility and collaborating with other affiliates to cross-promote each other’s content.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: You can advertise Baji directly through Fiverr, a versatile platform that provides various services to enhance your affiliate campaigns. Relying on access to skilled freelancers in graphic design and content creation can give you a competitive edge for successful affiliate marketing.
  3. Social Media Marketing: You can also rely on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote Baji Affiliate directly.

Baji Live Promotional Materials

1. Banners

You can promote the Baji Affiliate program using materials like banners that can be placed in strategic locations or areas to attract a larger audience’s attention.

2. Tutorials

You can create tutorials to be understood by a broader audience through your social media platforms.

3. Videos

Create informative blog posts or record engaging videos highlighting the benefits of the Baji Affiliate program.

Payment Methods in Baji Live Affiliate Program in Bangladesh

As the Baji affiliate program manager in Bangladesh, you must be able to manage payments for your work. Tracking using payment management software can streamline your transaction process. The Baji affiliate program provides convenience with various payment methods, including local bank transfer, Bkash, crypto, and Okcash. Meet the minimum withdrawal requirements and follow the designated Baji affiliate withdrawal process to initiate your fund transfer.


The Baji Affiliate Program is an incredible opportunity for each affiliate team to earn high commissions by promoting a trusted platform in the online casino betting industry. With a user-friendly interface and accessibly app, real-time reporting, attractive promotion, and dedicated support, the Baji Affiliate Program provides everything you need to succeed as an affiliate. Your earnings are also determined based on many new active users joining as online casino players on the Baji website. The more active users you acquire, the higher the percentage calculation you receive as a Baji live Affiliate link.

Testimonials about Baji Affiliate Program

"Baji's affiliate program has been a reliable source of income for me. The detailed analytics and responsive affiliate managers make it easy to optimize my strategies. The timely payments reflect the program's commitment to its partners. Thumbs up, Baji!"
Age: 29
"Baji's affiliate program has exceeded my expectations. The customizable marketing tools and real-time tracking help me fine-tune my campaigns for maximum results. The competitive commission structure adds an extra layer of motivation. Great partnership overall!"
Age: 26
"Joining Baji's affiliate program was a smart move for my online ventures. The program's flexibility and range of promotional materials have given me the tools I need to succeed. The consistent payouts and transparent reporting make it a standout in the affiliate space."
Age: 33
"Baji's affiliate program is a game-changer for digital marketers. The diverse marketing resources and reliable tracking system have streamlined my efforts. The team's support and on-time payments showcase a commitment to mutual success. Happy to be part of the Baji affiliate community!"


The Baji Affiliate Program is free. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to your Baji Affiliate account. Logging in, you can access your unique referral link and immediately start Baji’s products and services. Baji and other leading affiliate programs offer convenient options to withdraw your earnings.

You can directly advertise Baji on two or more sites as social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others. The more you promote Baji, the greater the chance to earn a higher percentage.

You obtain various benefits as a Baji Affiliate, increasing your financial resources without having to create any products. 

  1. Download the Baji Affiliate app on Android and iOS. Track performance, monitor revenue outcomes, and manage your account from anywhere.
  2. You should be able to post informative blogs or create engaging videos highlighting the benefits of Baji Affiliate, using mass media tools to promote Baji Affiliate on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also use Fiverr as a versatile platform offering various services to enhance your affiliate campaign with skilled freelancers in graphic design, content creation, and SEO optimization.

When you encounter issues, promptly contact the Baji Affiliate service directly on the main page of the Baji website. This service will guide you to resolve as much detail as possible according to the constraints faced, and we are ready to respond quickly.